Social Commitment

We think success should be shared. Not only with roaring parties and great events, but also with dedicated friends beyond Germany’s borders. At this point let us show great RESPECT to our socially committed partners who make such a LARGE voluntary contribution:

Aid for Afghan Children

Afghanistan is a war-embattled country consisting predominantly of villages, and is the home of our founder Mustafa. Over 80% of the population lives in small towns and villages. These are the ones who have suffered greatly in the past few decades of war and misery. Unlike large organizations, the Erös family therefore offers help not in the capital Kabul, but specifically among the rural population. Incredible results are found in girls’ schools, orphanages and hospitals, where they are needed.


Charity Düsseldorf Süd e.V.

Poverty and social need can be found not only far away, but on everyone’s doorstep. We therefore welcome the partnership with Peter Scholtysik, who has turned a quick idea into a great story on which hundreds of needy families and children rely. A charity event run by the tennis school for needy and gravely ill children was the start of this great organization, which gives lots of hope and warmth. This has been made possible with the support of the Tennis Department of the Hellerhofer Sports Association and many other volunteers.


A Heart for Strays e.V.

To promote and practice active animal protection so as not to close our eyes to misery. That was the initial idea for the foundation of this great institution. The first major project is in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here emaciated and helpless animals receive not only regular medical care, but also a new home. We must provide our support, because our friends perform miracles in their spare time as volunteers.