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Anyone involved in mobile marketing will inevitably have to deal with mobile apps as well. Especially in the last years of the still young history of apps, a real hype has developed around the small icons on the home screen. Not without reason, the 50th billionth download of an app from the Apple App Store was last celebrated with a countdown and a winner’s voucher.(1)

However not only the Apple App Store with its approximately 900,000 apps is booming, but also the second largest store for apps, the Google Play Store, is just behind with 48 billion downloads and about 800,000 available apps (5/2013). This is followed by the App Stores of Blackberry and Windows. Although the beginnings of apps already exists even before the introduction of the iPhone in 2007.


App development: iPhone apps, iPad apps and Android apps for a variety of applications

The term App comes from the word “application”. Thus, even simple applications, such as calendar or alarm clock functions can be seen as forerunners of today’s apps.
However, the development of Java for mobile phones in particular has opened up completely new possibilities for developing applications independently of the operating system and subsequently installing them on the mobile phone.
Thus, the app development expanded massively and got by the launch of the operating systems iOS and Android further boost. (2)

Games, health-learning, music, news apps and much more are always available for download.
The most popular apps are games, news and social media apps. There are only marginal differences between iPhone apps, iPad apps and Android apps. (3)

Mobile App versus Mobile Website

Against the background of the importance of apps, more and more companies are developing their own apps to benefit from the popularity of mobile apps and to communicate an advanced image. The advantages of mobile apps compared to a mobile website are the greater functionality, the ease of use and the fun factor. That’s because the access to all hardware components of the mobile device is easily possible with an app. (4) Consumers also prefer to use mobile apps rather than a mobile website because of speed, convenience and usability. (5)


From App Programming to App Marketing

However, the app development and app programming is despite simple “do-it-yourself” tools not easy. It requires the expertise of experienced app developers. When deciding on a business app, there are more questions about the operating systems on which the app should run. The amount of potential devices, like iPhone app, iPad App or Android App is long. It requires an early determination by operating system and device compatibility. That is important to target the app development target group specific. In addition, the app development and programming between iOS and Android, both in terms of app development and the subsequent app programming are significantly different.

Competitive analysis and strategy development

First of all it is necessary to analyze the target group, before starting the app programming. The usage situations, the usage contexts and the competition need to be analyze in detail.
Subsequently, a clear USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of an app for the target group can be worked out and content and functions can be put together in a meaningful way.
With this strategic preparation, the app development can begin and a CI-compliant app concept with an appealing user interface can be developed. It is important to consider the target group needs and use cases and to provide relevant content. (6) After the app conception and programming, sufficient testing of the app is equally crucial to success. Negative app reviews due to errors and bugs can have a negative impact on the corporate image and should therefore be kept to a minimum. Along the entire development process of the app, the know-how and experience of experts should be used at an early stage.

With the finished programming and testing, the app development is not over yet. The app development includes equally a meaningful app icon including title and a succinct description text for the App Store. In addition it’s important to develop an appropriate marketing strategy for the app, especially for company apps. The app programming is worth only half if anyone can not find the app.
The experts of the bam! interactive marketing GmbH provide the necessary support to not only develop any app, but to make the app development a success.
From app development to app marketing, you get everything from one source.


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