Mobile advertising – an increasingly important component of your advertising mix

Cross-media advertising: particularly efficient with mobile advertising

The cross-media combination of mobile advertising and online advertising, in particular, considerably increases the advertising impact according to study results of the BVDW. Due to the dynamic usage situation and the more focused perception of the advertising media, mobile advertising is suitable for the activation and the awakening of product interest. At the same time, targeted mobile advertising campaigns in combination with online advertising can help to bring about recollection of advertising and strong brand awareness. (3)
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Targeted advertising: how you reach your target group

Other noteworthy potentials of mobile advertising are the targeting options when delivering the advertising. The associated precise addressing of the target group and the delivery of advertising material with the help of certain target group characteristics allows a higher relevance and efficiency. For example, mobile advertising targeting can deliver ad media based on demographics, device types, providers, or device specifications. Equally interesting for advertisers are the options of local and situational targeting. (4)
Mobile ad targeting can be used to reduce wastage to a minimum and at the same time increase click-through rates.

Other benefits associated with mobile advertising:

  • building reach with significantly higher click through rates
  • generating leads regardless of time and location
  • brand branding
  • and increasing brand visibility. (5)

Potential of mobile advertising is far from being exhausted

An increase of 178 percent within one year can be observed in the field of mobile advertising. From 2013 to 2014 alone, the market rose to $ 31.45 billion. For 2015, the market research institute eMarketer forecasts further growth of 45.7% to 45.85 billion dollars. (1) In Germany, the potential of mobile advertising is only gradually being recognized. Mobile gross advertising revenues in 2012 amounted to 61.9 million euros. For 2013, growth in the German region is expected to increase by 70 percent to 105.1 million euros, according to the results of MAC Mobile Report 1/2013.

Changing user behaviour

And there is no end in sight. Rather, spending on Mobile Display Ads and App Ads will continue to grow. The omnipresence of mobile devices in the lives of consumers, the growing importance of tablets and the increasing use of flat-rate contracts with fast Internet connections illustrate the positive signs for the continued strong growth in Mobile Display Ads.

The automotive and telecommunication markets in particular have already recognized these signs and are investing relatively heavily in mobile advertising – but all other sectors are also gradually discovering the mobile medium for advertising measures. (2)

Target users

Within a few years, mobile advertising has become a self-sufficient advertising channel with growing relevance for the media mix of advertising companies. Further evidence of the growing importance is the fact that the number of mobile users has doubled in the last two years. In addition to the standard banners, dynamic and animated HTML5 ads, full-screen and expandable advertising formats and video content with interaction elements are increasingly being used today to satisfy the demanding public. This allows consumers to be addressed with relevant, personalized and interactive content and to enable a new form of brand experience. However, this requires accurate knowledge of target audience, technology, media planning and expert advice from seasoned professionals.

Mobile advertising strategy from the bam! interactive marketing GmbH

The use of these advantages and potential of mobile advertising is becoming increasingly important for advertising companies.
However, the promising application requires a sophisticated strategy, as it emerges from a high-quality advice from the mobile marketing agency bam! interactive marketing GmbH with their experience in the fields of mobile marketing and mobile advertising.

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