Mobile Website: Focusing on Usability and Responsive Design

More and more people own mobile terminals like smartphones and tablets. Correspondingly, they increasingly use the internet in a mobile way: according to a study conducted by the “Initiative D21”, the use of mobile internet in Germany went up to 40 per cent in 2012 – a continuously increasing trend. Especially the expansion of the new mobile communication standard LTE and the comprehensive availability of 3G- or UMTS-networks provides a better and better infrastructure for mobile web. This development is further advanced by the possibilities of LTE and the new transmission rates. (1)

Mobile Internet mit HTML5 und CSS3- Usability im Fokus - Mobile Websites für alle Screens

Mobile Web -  Webseiten für mobile Endgeräte - Responsive Design von bam! interactive

Mobile internet with 3G and LTE

The providers of mobile communication have also realized the increasing importance of mobile internet and recently adjusted their tariff structures to this trend. O2, for instance, offers its main tariffs with regard to the monthly amount of data volume for mobile surfing – and not in terms of free minutes or free SMS anymore. (2) This also applies to the mobile service providers of Telekom and Vodafone.

Above all, these developments illustrate that for marketing leaders, a traditional static website isn’t enough anymore – companies today need mobile sites. Yet, it is still a fact that users are frustrated by most business websites, facing illegibly small fonts and cluttered pages. This requires tedious zooming, is stressful and time-consuming and results in negative impressions. Consequently, the users will most likely avoid visiting these websites again. (3) It is the task of every company to design each touch point between customer and company as efficient and customer-oriented as possible. So, it becomes virtually mandatory to provide a mobile website additional to the static one in order to take the consumers’ short and dynamic ways to access mobile sites into account.

Mobile Websites with HTML5

Small displays, the operation via touchscreen, and mobile networks that are not always and everywhere technically up to date (yet), require the focussing and prioritization of contents and a correspondingly user-friendly design. In keeping with the motto “less is more”, contents and functions should be streamlined – this is also important for shorter loading times. (4) Mobile terminals provide many opportunities for making the user’s visit to the mobile website as pleasant as possible, e.g. considering touch gestures or making phone numbers interactive with click-to-call. HTML5 allows for a very intelligent development of mobile websites, requiring the according was know-how and experience of a mobile marketing agency.

Responsive Design: A flexible layout for all screens

One solution that’s becoming more and more important in the area of user-oriented web design is responsive design. Here, a flexible and adjustable layout is developed, which adjusts itself to the individual screen size and displays the website’s contents depending on the device. Thus, following the “one web” idea, the same look and feel can be conveyed on the stationary as on the mobile website, and an adjusted usability can be achieved. Responsive design means that, with the delivery of contents, functions and design, the web design “reacts” to the individual terminal and its specifications. In this way, responsive design caters to the user’s needs and facilitates an efficient and user-friendly access to the company’s information. (5)

Implementing a website that’s optimized for mobile access or, ideally, responsive requires – despite available tools “for dummies” – a deliberate strategy, the respective HTML5 and CSS3 know-how and experience in the development of contents for mobile terminals. It’s worth trusting the experts of bam! interactive Marketing GmbH. We can employ the increasing use of the mobile internet to advantage of your corporate image and provide the consumer with an efficient and user-friendly web service.

Deliberately addressing smartphone users with mobile website in responsive design can be crucial for your corporate success!