Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing – a MUST HAVE for successful corporate communication

The triumph of smartphones has made mobile marketing an important instrument of corporate communication. Whether on the consumers’ way to work, during lunch or on the couch at home – the mobile all-rounders are omnipresent and have made everyday life much easier. The success story of smartphones and tablets only began a little more than 20 years ago. In 1992, IBM launched the first mobile phone with functions that exceeded mere telecommunication. The bell for the smartphone’s breakthrough sounded in 2007 with Apple’s launch of the iPhone and, one year later, with the introduction of Google’s operating system Android. With their dual and quad-core processors, the newest smartphones have computing powers that could only be found in stationary PCs just a couple of years earlier. (1) In 2013, the worldwide number of sales comes close to a billion. The business with mobile all-rounders is also booming in Germany. (2) More than half of the German population now uses smartphones, and conventional mobile phones start disappearing from the market. (3) The large field of tablet-devices has to be added.

Mobile Webseiten für Tablet PCs und Smartphones - Kunden gewinnen - Mobile Advertising

Mobile messages for mobile users

More than ever, advertising companies need to take these developments into account and include the new marketing channel into their advertising-mix. Mobile marketing has the potential to become a strategic cornerstone of brand communication. This marketing discipline comprises all instruments and activities that are planned, conceptualized, developed and implemented by advertising companies for mobile terminals. (4) Brand messages can reach the consumers more efficiently, focussed and directly at their current location. This way, consumers can be triggered directly at the point of sale with location-based brand messages, possibly releasing the final impulse to buy. Especially the technical possibilities of location-based marketing, augmented reality and NFC open up totally new opportunities for generating a deeper brand experience in the competitive market.

Only a few years ago, some marketing leaders would have hardly dreamt of the opportunities that have emerged in mobile marketing. With the increasing prevalence of flat rate-contracts for mobile internet, these opportunities are enlarged by further options in the area of e-marketing. With this, the measures and instruments of online-communication are made available for mobile marketing. Consequently, today’s mobile marketing-instruments do not only include mobile apps, mobile advertising and mobile websites, but also search engine marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. (5) Within the shortest time, mobile marketing will be of the same relevance as e-marketing for a modern marketing-mix – maybe even of a greater one.

Taking advantage of the chances in mobile internet

The multiple options and possibilities of this promising marketing area more than ever require the professional support of a mobile marketing agency. Today’s consumers are hard to please, demanding “everything”, “immediately” and “anytime”. But mobile marketing isn’t restricted to target groups under 40 anymore: in a combination of smartphone and tablet, older target groups become increasingly approachable – anytime, anywhere, individually, directly at the point of sale and without much advertising wastage. (6) There is a high risk of negative effects on the corporate image if companies ignore this channel or don’t provide websites optimized for mobile devices. This necessitates a strategy for e- and mobile marketing and, connected with it, the support of an experienced the mobile marketing agency especially focusing on these areas. Mobile marketing agency bam! interactive marketing offers you comprehensive support regarding all questions of Mobile Websitesapps und mobile advertising.