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If you’re concerned with mobile marketing, you won’t get around thinking about mobile apps as well. In the past years of the young history of apps, those little icons on the home screen have been subject to a real hype. It’s not for no reason that the fifty-billionth app-download from the Apple App Store was celebrated with a countdown and prizewinning voucher. (1) But it’s not only the Apple App Store with its approximately 900,000 apps that’s booming – the second biggest store for apps, the Google Play Store, is only shortly behind with 48 billion downloads and about 800,000 available apps (5/2013), followed by Blackberry’s und Windows’ app stores. The beginnings of apps however reach much further back than the launch of the first iPhone in 2007.

App development: iPhone apps, iPad apps and Android apps for multiplex applications

The term “app” (siehe auch Was ist eine App?) is just the abbreviation of “application”. Thus, even such simple features like a calendar or alarm can be seen as progenitors of today’s apps. With the development of Java for mobile phones, totally new possibilities of developing applications independent of the operating system, and subsequently installing them on the mobile phone, were opened up. This massively spread the development of apps, boosted even more by the launch of the operating systems iOS and Android. (2)

Today, there are apps for any possible situation. Gaming apps, fitness apps, apps for learning, providing music, news and much more are available for download any time. Gaming-, news- and social media-apps are among the most popular applications. There are only marginal differences between iPhone apps, iPad apps and Android apps. (3)

Mobile app versus mobile website

Against this background, more and more companies now develop their own apps in order to profit from their popularity and to communicate a progressive image. The advantages of a mobile app – compared to a mobile website – include greater functionality, user-friendliness and the fun factor, as an app allows for easily accessing all hardware- components of the mobile terminal. (4) The consumers also prefer mobile apps to mobile websites for reasons of speed, convenience and usability. (5)

From programming to marketing an app

However, despite the availability of simple “do-it-yourself”-tools, the development and programming of apps is not easy and requires the expertise of experienced developers. The decision for a corporate app also raises the question of the operating systems it should be working on. Whether an app for iPhone, iPad or Android: the long list of possible terminals requires determining the operating system and device compatibility at an early stage for a target group-specific alignment. In addition, iOS and Android are very different, regarding the app-development as well as the programming.

App Entwicklung - Konzepte für Apps - Vermarktung im Appstore

Before the programming of the app can begin, it is important to thoroughly analyse the target group, the usage situations and contexts, as well as the competition. Following this, a clear USP of the app should be worked out, and its contents and functions should be sensibly compiled. After these strategic preparations, the development can begin and an app-concept complying with the individual CI can be designed. Here, it is permanently important to consider the target group’s needs and use cases and to provide relevant content. (6) After the conceptualisation and programming, it is also crucial for success to sufficiently test the app. Poor app-reviews resulting from errors or bugs can have a negative impact on the corporate image and should thus be reduced to a en minimum. The entire development process should consequently be guided by the know-how and experience of experts.

Developing the app is, however, not completed with programming and testing it. The development also includes an expressive app-icon and title, as well as a catchy description for the app store. But that’s still not all: especially for corporate apps, it is important to develop an appropriate marketing strategy for the app. The whole programming process is only worth half if nobody is able to find the app! Here, the experts of bam! interactive marketing GmbH can provide you with the necessary support for not developing only one out of many apps but to make your app- successful.

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