Mobile advertising – an increasingly important component of your advertising mix

Mobile advertising has achieved a growth of 178 per cent in only one year. From 2013 to 2014, the market increased to 31.45 billion dollars. Market research institute eMarketer predicts a further growth of 45.7 to 45.85 billion dollars for 2015. (1)

Mobile Advertising - Smartphone User im Fokus - Mobile Werbung

Mobile Advertising bringt hohe Klickraten - Mobile Werbung: Werbekampagenen für Smartphone User

The potential of mobile advertising is far from being exhausted

Gradually, the potential of mobile advertising are also seen in Germany. In 2013, the gross mobile advertising revenue added up to 107.01 million euros. The results of the MAC Mobile Report 1/2013 predict a growth of 72.4 per cent to 184.58 million euros in Germany for 2013 – with no end in sight. The expenses for mobile display ads and app ads will continue to increase. The omnipresence of mobile terminals in people’s lives, the increasing relevance of tablets and the rising prevalence of mobile flat rate-contracts with high-speed internet illustrate the positive tendency of an ever increasing growth of mobile display ads. Especially the automotive and the telecommunication sector have realized this at an early point in time and invest comparably much into mobile advertising – and now all other industries start to discover the mobile medium for advertising. (2)

Within only a few years, mobile advertising has become an independent channel in the media-mix of advertising companies. Another proof for its increasing relevance is the fact that the number of mobile users has doubled in only the last two years. In addition to standard banners, dynamic and animated HTML5 ads, full-screen and expandable formats and video contents wit interactive elements are increasingly used today for satisfying the demanding consumers. This way, they can be approached with relevant, personalized and interactive contents, allowing for a new brand experience. This however requires detailed
knowledge about the target audience, technology and media planning, as well as competent support from experienced professionals.

Cross-media ads become especially efficient with mobile advertising

Study results of the BVDW show that the cross-medial combination of mobile and online-advertising considerably increases the advertising effect. Due to the dynamic use and more focussed perception of advertising material, mobile advertising is suited for activating and creating product interest. At the same time, specific mobile advertising campaigns, combined with online advertising can achieve high recall ratings and a distinct brand proximity. (3)

Further remarkable potential of mobile advertising can be seen in the targeting-options when delivering the ads. The accurate approach to the target group connected with it, as well as the delivery of advertising material by means of specific target group features, allow for a higher relevance and efficiency. This way advertising material can be delivered on the basis of demographic features, types of terminal devices, providers or device specifications – via mobile advertising targeting. Advertisers might also be interested in the options of local and situational targeting. (4) Via mobile advertising targeting, advertising wastage can be reduced to a minimum with a simultaneous increase in click rates. Further benefits od mobile advertising include the enhancement of coverage with considerably grater click rates, the generations of leads independent of location and time, branding and increasing brand presence. (5)

Your mobile advertising strategy by bam! interactive marketing GmbH

Using the benefits and potentials of mobile advertising becomes more and more relevant for advertising companies. A promising campaign however necessitates an elaborate strategy, resulting from the high-quality support offered by the mobile marketing agency bam! interactive marketing GmbH with many years of experience in mobile marketing and mobile advertising.

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