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bam! The mobile interactive marketing agency from Düsseldorf. As a manufactory of mobile interaction, we work hard every day on innovative digital campaigns for a convergent marketing mix that strikes the right chord with your mobile target group. Concept, design and programming with attention to detail and, if need be, overnight, because we are used to impossible timelines: mobile apps, responsive Web and advertising from the manufactory.
Founded in January 2008, the agency has proven to be a popular manufactory of mobile interaction. Our success in integrating the mobile channel into the marketing mix has won the confidence of customers such as Paramount Pictures or E-Plus since the founding of bam! Innovative mobile apps, flexible and responsive Web design and far-reaching advertising provide a stunning brand experience.

Interactive was yesterday, and mobile interactive is today – which is why we create no campaigns for the “Internet,” but work with you on the appropriate interactive digital strategy to reach your target audience where it is at that moment – on the go on the smartphone. “Mobile First”: this doesn’t mean a scaled-down version of the large campaign for the smartphone, it means placing your message so it is appropriate, interactive and informative – from the small screen on the go to the big screen at home. In addition to the TV show on the couch in the living room, while waiting at the bus stop for the next bus, or when surfing for the latest news at a desk. As a result of extensive app development, dynamic mobile websites and emotionalizing Rich Media Ads in mobile advertising, mobile is a hitherto unmatched experience – all thanks to touch screens used without external input devices, but with your own index finger and the well-known swiping gesture.
Are you planning a marketing campaign and want to take advantage of mobile communication possibilities for your purposes? Enhance your marketing campaign today with our digital mobile experience and reach your target audience anytime and anywhere: by smartphone, tablet or PC – via mobile app or responsive Web. Talk to us about it. We are your contact for advertising agencies (classic and interactive) and marketing specialists from commerce, production and entertainment. Expand your campaign with a matching digital, interactive, mobile and thrilling bam! from the manufactory for mobile interaction. Profit from WOW effects and a peerless brand experience. Don’t just take your customers along: impress them with digital brochures that play videos and trigger a call by touch. Present their products in three dimensions and let their customers simply “feel”.


Friends of the craft

Responsive Web offers unprecedented impetus for growth. bam! is a reliable and experienced agency that translates our movie campaigns successfully and in a technically forward-looking way through innovative, seamless overall concepts.
Sandra Funck, Paramount Pictures Germany




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bam! provides quick and unconventional solutions that promote our films very well. In addition, it provides detailed media planning, which ensures excellent download speeds and great user response.
Niels Oeft, Universal Pictures Germany

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We think success should be shared. Not only with roaring parties and great events, but also with dedicated friends beyond Germany’s borders. At this point let us show great RESPECT to our socially committed partners who make such a LARGE voluntary contribution:


Our long-term, strategic partnership with bam! enabled us to deliver the right offers in the field of entertainment and to increase our click-through rates on a sustained basis.
Ralph Suda, Contnet AG


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